Sunparadise Monoslide

The perfect connection
between indoor and outdoor living.

MONOSLIDE combines functionality and flexibility in a unique way: unlimited opening, even
around cams and corners for optimum living space comfort.

Why Monoslide?

This thermally broken, highly insulated system allows to slide a technically unlimited number of wings aside and to stash them in a stacking area.


Unique Design

Monoslide is unique in the way it operates, its ability to perform around corners sets it aside from the competition.


Limitless panels

Whatever your aperture, will perform to the same high standards that meet all British and European regulations giving you real comfort that you are buying from an established manufacture of high quality systems.


Smooth operation

You can feel the quality in the smooth operation of the system that will comfortably handle any corners between 90 and 270 degrees your design.

All door panels glide smoothly on a minimalist
single track

MONO 300 8
MONO 300 9

Flush fitting floor track ensures full
accessability for all

Each panel can be individually moved to any position along the opening

Sunparadise Monoslide60 3 1

Check out the videos of Monoslide in function

Monoslide from the construction site

Monoslide usage

Monoslide Praque

Sunparadise Monoslide 80 z shape track

SUNPARADISE Monoslide 80

4 year old easily using Monoslide.

Any length of aperture can be catered for with
limitless door panels

b doors closed ext
Wilderer Druck 9

Multiple corners possible in any aperture
without the need for system corner posts

Internal or external parking options



How is the installation of the product?

The installation process is handled with our professional partners. You can’t assemble products by yourself.

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How to repair sliding glass doors?

Aluminum is a durable product that lasts a long time with its paint and form. Only accessories such as wheels, handles, or locks can need maintenance. We are helping our customers with any needs with our partners.

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Why we should choose aluminum sliding?

Unless known, aluminum doors and windows help you to save energy by their health isolation systems.

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How to hang curtains on sliding glass doors?

Our system is moving on single-track. Curtains do not stuck in the system. You can hang your curtains as you wish.

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How to fix the wheels on a sliding glass door?

Our wheels are protected from corrosion so they last longer. Any need for fixing will be handled by our team.

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Will there be corrosion and decay in the system after a certain period?

Aluminum is a material that resists corrosion and does not decay.

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